Make your schedule 

Having a set schedule holds you accountable for your actions and helps you keep track of what physical activities you have or have not done. This can also include your goals. Goals can range from daily, weekly, to months ahead.
 Writing your schedule down can map out the rest of your day to the rest of your week.  

Get the right equipment 

Having the right equipment takes out the hassle and stress of making healthier decisions as well as eliminates the risk of injury or harm.  This can range from a lumbar back support on your chair to the right footwear you have on. 

Do the little things

If you have that extra time at work then do those little workouts that will help pump blood through your muscles. This can include squats, calf raises, lunges, and much more. This will help keep you active while making your brain stay awake. 

Share it to others

While working on yourself you can also help somebody else in your work space. You can set up competition to bets in tricking the mind to compete with the other to push you to your limits. You can also have that buddy who can workout with you so you're not lonely or get bored by yourself. This in fact will make your workouts much more fun.

Have a positive attitude

Having that positive energy will push you through those long days. Making sure you know what you're doing and why you're doing it will help you succeed in the long run. Do not give up, stay strong and keep that head up. A positive mentality will not only push you through your workouts and work but also giving your coworkers that uplifting vibe.

Treat yourself

Don't always be uptight but also don't lose focus. Boost your moral with eating something with a bit of extra flavor. This can be at the end of your week to once in a while. Don't be afraid to eat out or have a few drinks, just remember you have to workout a little harder the next day.